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In coaching and training traders, my main objective is to teach them how to fish and not fish for them.  I get a lot of emails from traders looking to follow each and every trade I make in the market.  I have no problem leading the way and showing them how I can make it rain each day while trading.  


Trading is truly a journey of self-discovery and introspection.  It is where you learn how the market moves each and every day and how to find the trading spots that fit your style and help you make money.  The more you know yourself and understand yourself as a person the better a trader you will become.  It sounds spiritual but it’s true.  I enjoy leading others to success but even more I enjoy helping traders develop and become their own source as they continue on in trading. 


My goal as a trading coach is to help traders shorten their learning curve and help them develop into their own trading machine.  A true coach is being someone who wants to see you become successful and become your own trader.  Trading success can be summed up in knowing yourself and trading yourself (i.e. your style).  The Holy Grail in trading is being you.  You can learn from other successful traders but your main goal should be to do it yourself.


I have coached traders from around the world since 2010.  I will coach you during market hours or after the close.  My goal is to help you overcome any hurdle you have.  99.9% of the hurdles are ourselves.   That is why we need a professional trading coach to help us. 


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