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NBIX Gap Up 30 Minute Entry / Gap Edge Trading

I almost always trade off the 15 or 30 minute charts. I seem to find at least one to two trades a day and have about 72% batting average. So I am pretty confident in my setups and my instinct I have after Day Trading for over 17 years. This morning NBIX gapped up nicely over $10.00. I placed it on the 30 minute chart because I really didn't like the 15 min. On the fourth 30 min bar it was inside and green. This was my entry. Solid entry at 50.77 and I was going for $52.00 target. After the trade triggered I noticed this stock was a little spready. I was like here we go whippy wildness. After a bit of back and forth it proceeded up to $52.00 target where I exited. My trading motto is "Trade Less and Make More". Gap Edge Trading

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