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Feelings? Gap Edge Trading

What are feelings and where do they come from? In studying and doing advanced Heart Physics under Dr. Jim Richards I have learned a great deal about this topic. Feelings are purely from beliefs. I bet your wondering than what's the difference of feelings and emotions. Emotions are purely driven from present thoughts. Emotions can pass thru you once you change your thought. But beliefs are much deeper and are wired and chiseled on your heart. Your belief system is in much what your operating off of day in and day out. Have you ever wondered why your life seems like Ground Hog's Day in that it keeps repeating itself. I would also compare this to your trading life. Why your trades are all the same day in and day out. You have convinced yourself that if you get the holy grail or follow the best trader you could live out your dreams and become successful. Let me get back to beliefs I may have got ahead of myself. Beliefs generate FEELINGS good or bad. So you maybe saying dang I have some beliefs that spring up bad FEELINGS all the time when I am trading. Those need to be noted. Become aware of your inner life as you trade. Make a journal pad next to you. For example do you really feel worthy to live a life of success? Do you have positive self worth? If you don't you will never achieve your dreams and goals. Your belief system about yourself will be the ceiling of your life. No matter how hard you try to think positive in a cognitive way it won't change your beliefs. See 95% of the way we operate as humans is off the hard drive system your beliefs. All of us have buried beliefs that were from our early life. Development studies have shown that children are in a suggestive meditative state till they are about the age of 12. In a meditative state you are forming beliefs whether true or false about themselves based off of our parents or peers. The good news you can change your beliefs at your core level. That only way to do this is thru meditation. Yes I said meditation. I will save meditation for the next posting. Feel free to comment or email me. Gap Edge Trading

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