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NFLX Gap Up / Gap Edge Trading

Whenever NFLX gaps up on volume you as a trader should always make note to watch for a potential trade setup. NFLX is a mover and there's money to be made. I had my list of gaps placed them on my charts than went and made breakfast for my family. Than I drove my son to his school. To me being a trader is all about enjoying life. If I miss a trade there's always tomorrow. I have been trading for over 17 years and for many of those years I was married to the monitors. I told myself moving forward last years that I am going to enjoy life more with my family. My wife runs her business from home and I have two other businesses I run so if I miss a trade we won't be going broke. Anyways enough with the ranting but I highly recommend enjoying life more. After I exited NFLX this morning I went and meditated on scripture from the Bible and focused on God's love. Life is good. See the chart below on NFLX trade. Gap Edge Trading.


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