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NUE big mover trapped short!

When I take a trade I like to think it terms of trapped traders or investors looking for the exit to benefit my entry. I always try think like a novice trader would think and think what I could do if they were stopped out and how I could benefit "Trade the Trader." Today NUE popped up on my scanner as having some upside movement. Than I checked it was the whole steel sector catching some nice big bids. Typically when this happens it's called sector rotation. Big funds move money in and can't go unnoticed. I knew a novice trader would be thinking short NUE because of it's move up. I than saw a nice 60 min entry bar that provided a good entry. You can see the chart below. These are the type of setups that I am going to be mentoring other traders in our Mastermind Group that starts July 5th, 2017. I have a few seats left. Send me an email and I will save you a spot. Also checkout​


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