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Coaching Corner - Mindset is Everything

Having been a full-time day trader since 2006 I have learned a ton about mindset. I have coached 100's of traders around the world allot them well more capitalized than me. But as you know in this individual sport of trading you learn allot about yourself. The best traders I have worked with had one great quality. They loved and valued themselves. Once you know your worth you won't think another negative thought about yourself. Know this that there's a big difference between feelings and emotions. Feelings like wholeness, worthy come from your subconscience mind. These are your core beliefs about yourself. It's the programming coming a good childhood or a bad one. Allot of times you will say I will never do that again but you do. Now thoughts equal emotions that come from thinking purely and can shift quickly this is your conscience mind working. The root change in your mindset comes from changing your beliefs about money and yourself. See money is just energy! Real change happens when you change your core beliefs about yourself. I see allot of traders make the same mistakes over and over again. Until their aware of the underlining belief they can't diffuse it. Here's a tip. Keep a journey next to you at your trading desk and become aware of your thoughts and how you feel. Than later at end of day go over and start dissecting the why. Than you can make some shifts. Well I am just writing a coaching corner note today. I have three coaching clients this season and I love helping them become better traders. Proper mindset is the key to being a great trader.

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