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GAP E-COURSE - Advanced (Online)

I traded with my proprietary method with the Mastering the Gaps Seminar from studying Gaps and trading them successfully from 2000 to 2010.  In 2010, I taught the seminar live, recorded it, and placed it ON-Demand for the public to purchase and learn.  Hundreds of students from around the world have found success from our method of trading gaps.  For the last two years I have been working on fine tuning the Gap Edge Method to create an advanced approach to trading gaps.  


 Here's what you will get from the course.


  • Learn a Simple Method to Day Trading Gaps.  Less Guessing and More Confidence!

  • Understand the Power of Breakout Volume and how to incorporate it into your setups.

  • Learn how to find the biggest movers up or down each day.

  • Learn the secret sauce - it's all in the candlestick formation and has made me allot of money.

  • Incorporate the Power of Percentage Net Change from the Open.

  • Revisit the Core Foundations of Supply and Demand.

  • Powerful Money Management Tools. 

  • Learn the tricks and tips to building an amazing Gap List.

  • Discover what to look for at the open and how to find the big money footprint.

  • Learn how to tune out all the noise and become a six figure Gap Trader.

  • Trade off a higher time frame 15, 30 and 60 minute setups.

  • Learn to obtain a batting average of 70% with this method of trading. 

  • Learn the four Moves a gap makes.

  • Learn how to deal with Draw Downs.

  • 2 Hour Course

  • 13 Chapters

On Demand at Home viewing from you PC.  I will send you a access link for lifetime viewing.  You will have an account where the course will be stored for you unlimited viewing.


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