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GAP E-COURSE - Advanced (Online)

Discover the proven Gap Edge Method, honed over two decades of successful trading experience. Originally developed from personal trading insights, the method was refined and shared through the acclaimed Mastering the Gaps Seminar, conducted live and recorded in 2010. Now, this comprehensive e-course is available on-demand, allowing traders worldwide to access and benefit from its wealth of knowledge.

What to Expect:

  • Gain mastery over Day Trading Gaps with a streamlined, easy-to-follow approach.

  • Harness the potency of Breakout Volume to enhance your trading setups.

  • Identify daily market movers swiftly and effectively.

  • Unlock the secrets of candlestick formations, a key ingredient in successful trading.

  • Utilize the Power of Percentage Net Change from the Open to maximize your gains.

  • Revisit and reinforce your understanding of Supply and Demand dynamics.

  • Equip yourself with robust Money Management Tools to safeguard your investments.

  • Learn insider techniques for curating a high-performing Gap List.

  • Discern the telltale signs of significant market activity at the opening bell.

  • Develop the focus and discipline necessary to achieve six-figure earnings as a Gap Trader.

  • Explore trading opportunities across multiple time frames, including 15, 30, and 60-minute setups.

  • Aim for a remarkable 70% success rate using this proven trading methodology.

  • Master the nuanced movements of gaps, understanding the four key shifts they undergo.

  • Navigate and mitigate Draw Downs effectively to maintain a resilient trading strategy.

This comprehensive 2-hour course spans 13 chapters, delivering actionable insights and strategies that can elevate your trading game to new heights. Whether you're a novice trader or a seasoned investor, the Gap Edge Method offers a clear path to greater confidence and profitability in the dynamic world of trading.

On Demand at Home viewing from you PC.  I will send you a access link for lifetime viewing.  You will have an account where the course will be stored for you unlimited viewing.


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