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Beginning Gap Course

Mastering the Gaps - On Demand 

Learn the proprietary strategy Gap Edge Trading uses to align trade ideas with the “big money” moving the market. The Beginners Gap Course is not purely conceptual, it is a step-by-step system for producing repeatable results.  This course includes over eight hours of instructions on how to trade gaps.


                               1) Learn specific rules for when to buy, when to sell and when to stay put.

                               2) Know how to understand, and trade every type of market environment.

                               3) Learn how to properly manage risk so you can succeed over the long run.

                               4) Put all the concepts together so you can trade with objectivity and 100% confidence.


Simple Art of Trading - Learn to think like a professional trader, learn how market trends develop, and the best setups in each type of market.


You will get a deeper understanding of how candlesticks affect trends, how to use supply and demand and prior price support for your entries.



Once we have received your payment you will be emailed an access code and URL for viewing of the entire recorded seminar.


Lifetime Access



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