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What are your beliefs? Gap Edge Trading

My journey in trading goes deeper into who I am in and how I become successful as a trader and in life. Being on a journey of truth I realized that my beliefs were really the perception in which I viewed and lived my life. It wasn't till I untangled myself from faulty beliefs that I was truly able to walk in success in my trading career. As humans we are wired for success and later programmed for failure. My mentor Dr. Jim Richards wrote a great book I highly recommend that you read "Wired for Success and Programmed for Failure". This book written years ago literally revolutionized my trading career. See I could never live the future I could never see. Your core beliefs about yourself affect your life at every waking second. It's your belief system and it's the filter in which you view the world around you. Once I realized that out of my heart (subconscious mind) flowed all the boundaries of life to me. This comes from one of the wisest men of the world Solomon who wrote this in the book of Proverbs 4:23. See we are made in such a powerful way that what you believe will become your reality. Your heart beliefs will bend your world to mold to those beliefs. I spent a good time and still do developing my heart beliefs I believe it's a life journey. It goes much deeper than wishes and wants. It goes to the core of who you are. YOU WILL NEVER BECOME A SUCCESSFUL TRADER IF YOUR CORE BELIEFS DON'T ALIGN". You will see your core beliefs play out each day as you trade. Are you prone to overtrading? Do you continue to lose each day in and out? Your answers are within your belief system. I will save for another post on how you can change your future by becoming one with a new reality and belief system. Gap Edge Trading

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