15 minute shooter on FB

15 minute shooter on FB after gap down was a golden trade setup that I called live to our Trade Alert subscribers. This setup follows the Advanced Gap Course.

15, 30 and 60 minute alignment on a Gap Down - BWA

BWA was an earnings gap down and those are my favorite. I have a three way view of the 15, 30 and 60 minute charts. I called the trade live to our trade alert subscribers off the 15 min chart. You can see it was a great trade setup. I exclusively teach the 15, 30 and 60 minute in our Advanced Gap Course. Right now if you sign-up you get one month of Trade Alerts.

3 Hourly Setups that worked

My stats on Gap Setups on 60 minute setups are 81% win percentage. See three setups from our gap list from this last Friday. One of them I called live to our Trade Alert Subscribers. These 60 minute setups follow the Advanced Gap Course which is on sale today.

SYF Gap Down + 60 minute setup = Win

SYF Gapped down on earnings. I waited till the 60 minute inside bar formed with topping tail and we shorted under it. See the chart below. All this is from the Advanced Gap Course.

Gap Down and Runner CMCSA

CMCSA gapped down this morning and made my watch list. I waited for a clear 30 minute setup to get short. See the alert and chart below. We entered short at 46.13 and exited at 45.53.

Coaching Corner - Mindset is Everything

Having been a full-time day trader since 2006 I have learned a ton about mindset. I have coached 100's of traders around the world allot them well more capitalized than me. But as you know in this individual sport of trading you learn allot about yourself. The best traders I have worked with had one great quality. They loved and valued themselves. Once you know your worth you won't think another negative thought about yourself. Know this that there's a big difference between feelings and emotions. Feelings like wholeness, worthy come from your subconscience mind. These are your core beliefs about yourself. It's the programming coming a good childhood or a bad one. Allot of times y

Interview on Forbes

Click here to read https://www.forbes.com/sites/katestalter/2012/01/19/its-earnings-season-mind-the-gap/

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